Solves your well integrity challenges

Wellcem solves your well integrity challenges

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Wellcem assist oil and gas companies to maximize asset value by engineering and providing resin-based sealing and plugging solutions

We provide unconventional sealing and plugging solutions to asset owners and oil service companies worldwide. Our products and engineered solutions are tailor-made for each specific well and can be deployed with different methods, e.g. circulating or bullheading through work strings, tubing or CT, dump bailer, and more.

These solutions offer a safe, lean and cost efficient way of executing operations that can be performed offline and rig-less. An optimum result is secured by close collaboration with clients during the engineering phase prior to the operation.

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Applications for the Wellcem solution


Plug & Abandonment

The primary objective is to ensure that no leaks to surface exist and that no formation fluid migration occurs even many years after the well has been abandoned.



Most oil and gas wells have different zones. Zonal isolation seeks to segregate undesirable intervals from production.


Sustained Casing Pressure

Regardless of definition, either SCP, SAP or CCA, it is a well integrity issue with a failed barrier. It requires management or workover.



Casing leaks are often a result of leaking casing threads, burst casing from pressure, corrosion or from casing wear due to extended periods of drilling operations.


Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation means you are losing your circulation of fluids off to a low-pressure and permeable formation somewhere in the well.



Many wells have a hydraulic control line running down along the casing or tubing. Control lines can develop an undesired leak.

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Lost Circulation



Control Lines



Zonal Isolations






Casing Leak



Sustained Casing Pressure

How to become a Wellcem client

Do you have a specific case you would like to discuss with us? 



Tell us what you need

Describe your challenge. We will contact you as soon as practically possible to discuss the case further. Then, we will do a brief feasibility study/analysis. Within 48 hours, you will know whether we believe we can provide a solution.

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Proposal for your review

If your case is feasible to solve, we will in agreement with yourself prepare a technical and/or commercial proposal for your review. Average time to prepare a technical proposal is 3 working days. And guess what? A technical proposal is free of charge.

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When you are ready

PO or Order to proceed is needed to commence detailed engineering, planning, testing and finally mobilization of material and personnel. We will now move on to plan, design and execute job as per plan.

How we work
Wellcem solves your land-based and offshore well challenges

This is how we work with you

This process starts when we have an identified well candidate. Our Project Engineer will follow the project from start until finished.


Collect relevant data

The project engineer will communicate with the relevant engineer in the client team, collect all necessary information and work out and agree on a detailed technical plan

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Do tentative lab tests. Work out technical solution. Upon agreement of the work (PO), the project engineer will ensure our lab designs a recipe that meets the agreed properties

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Perform final lab tests. When timing of the job is established, the project engineer will arrange for all logistics and also coordinate as needed with other service providers

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The project engineer will be on the rig ensuring the job is executed as planned

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Post job

The project engineer will make an “End of Job” report to summarize up the result, lessons learned and recommendation for future work.

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Some of our customers

Sustained casing pressure problem

Case Study

The well was suffering from Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) in B-annulus. A chemical where gravity fed into the annulus and allowed to fall on to the top of cement.

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Gas Channeling in Cement behind Casing

Case Study

After several attempts to solve the problems with cement, it was decided to use resins to squeeze and isolate the gas channels.

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Casing leak – Fairview Field, Queensland

Case Study

A casing leak challenge. A cement plug would fail to plug this well, because the formation pressure cannot withstand the weight of cement.

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Placement of reservoir plug in well - UK.

Case Study

Challenge with low reservoir pressure and tubing integrity. The customer needed something that could be pumped passed the damage area in the tubing, without the risk of bridging or blockage.

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