The solutions we provide: A polymer resin system tailored to solve a variety of well integrity challenges

To make it short:

  • Wellcem provides a resin-based sealing solution for leaking wells.
  • The solution is customized and engineered for each unique well.
  • Customers are oil and gas operators and service companies, who need to seal and secure their wells.

The sealing solution and delivery methodology are developed and perfected over twenty years and deployed in many hundred wells all over the world, both on- and offshore. 

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Pros and Cons with the Wellcem Solution

- What kind of leaks can we seal?ThermaSet® the solution of choice for a Liner Integrity challenge rev

Theoretically, Wellcem can seal all leaks. More specifically, this kind of resin solution is particularly suitable for leaks in difficult-to-reach places, and places where it is hard to place other sealing material or mechanical seals, or those other methods would be too expensive.

  • The material we use is permanent and will last well past the life of the well
  • The sealing material will withstand all normal well fluids and can only be removed by mechanical means
  • The material is robust and to some degree flexible enabling it to withstand mechanical shock or shock due to for example temperature or pressure changes in the well

- And which ones can we not fix?

There are a few applications we would not recommend to use our solution:

  • It is not suitable for primary cementing
  • It is also not very suitable for leaks in a mechanically dynamic environment with moving parts.


Do you have a specific case you would like to discuss with us? 

Describe your challenge. We will contact you as soon as practically possible to discuss the case further.
We will then do a brief feasibility study/analysis and let you know within 48 hours, whether we believe we can provide an available solution.

Well Information Sheet

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Plug & Abandonment

The primary objective is to ensure that no leaks to surface exist and that no formation fluid migration occurs even many years after the well has been abandoned.



Most oil and gas wells have different zones. Zonal isolation seeks to segregate undesirable intervals from production.


Sustained Casing Pressure

Regardless of definition, either SCP, SAP or CCA, it is a well integrity issue with a failed barrier. It requires management or workover.



Casing leaks are often a result of leaking casing threads, burst casing from pressure, corrosion or from casing wear due to extended periods of drilling operations.


Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation means you are losing your circulation of fluids off to a low-pressure and permeable formation somewhere in the well.



Many wells have a hydraulic control line running down along the casing or tubing. Control lines can develop an undesired leak.

Wellcem Track Record

Success in 600+ performed jobs


Lost Circulation



Control Lines



Zonal Isolations






Casing Leak



Sustained Casing Pressure


Wellcem Lab and Research & Development Department



One of the most vital departments within Wellcem is the laboratory and the staff responsible for managing the activities that directly support field operations and the future development of ThermaSet® polymer technology.

The Wellcem technical research and development team is comprised of a technician holding a master’s in chemistry and two PhD polymer chemists.

The team is constantly developing new ways to enhance the properties and help broaden the scope of ThermaSet® applications.


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Wellcem solves your land-based and offshore well challenges

How we work

This process start when we have an identified well candidate.

Our Project Engineer will follow the project from start till finished.

Collect relevant data

Collect relevant data

The project engineer will communicate with the relevant engineer in the client team, collect all necessary information and work out and agree on a detailed technical plan



Do tentative lab tests. Work out technical solution. Upon agreement of the work (PO), the project engineer will ensure our lab designs a recipe that meets the agreed properties



Perform final lab tests. When timing of the job is established, the project engineer will arrange for all logistics and also coordinate as needed with other service providers



The project engineer will be on the rig ensuring the job is executed as planned

Post job

Post job

The project engineer will make an “End of Job” report to summarize up the result, lessons learned and recommendation for future work


We acknowledge that every well has its unique conditions that needs individual solutions. Therefore, we make sure we use the necessary resources prior to operations commencing in order to:

  • Full understanding of client objective
  • Be able to outline risk and establish corresponding contingency plan and mitigation actions
  • Execute Engineering, design and applicable testing for optimized solutions
  • Establish procedures and program in liaison with client.

This is also reflected in our price model, comprising of the following main elements:

  • Pre-job engineering (design, engineering, testing and planning)
  • Service Charge (on site)
  • Material cost
  • Personnel and Equipment day rates
  • Mob/demob charges

Do you want more insight to the price model or budgeting for your project? Get in touch with one of our specialists:


How to Become a Wellcem Client

Do you have a specific case you would like to discuss with us? 

Tell us what you need

Tell us what you need

Describe your challenge. We will contact you as soon as practical possible to discuss the case further. We will then do a brief feasibility study/analysis and let you know within 48 hours whether we believe we can provide available solution.

Contact us
Proposal for your review

Proposal for your review

If your case is feasible to solve, we will in agreement with yourself prepare a technical and / or commercial proposal for your review. Average time to prepare technical proposal is 3 working days. A technical proposal is free of charge.

Get a proposal
When you are ready

When you are ready

PO or Order to proceed is needed to commence detailed engineering, planning , testing and finally mobilization of material and personnel. We will now move on to plan, design and execute job as per plan.

How we work

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