The Operator on the Fairview Field in Queensland, Australia had a challenge with casing leak. Among other options, the customer considered and selected ThermaSet to solve their challenge.

Below, you get more insight into this case, and you may download your copy of the case study, which also includes details about how Wellcem implemented the solution and most importantly - the results achieved for the operator company.

The Challenge

The candidate well identified for this operation was recently completed in March 2019. Shortly thereafter a leak was observed in the 5 ½" production casing across the Rewan formation located at 559.59 mMD. 

The leak was suspected to be sourced from a casing connection and traversed across the annular cement sheath thereby compromising the tubular integrity. 

The customers' options

A cement plug would fail to plug this well, because the formation pressure cannot withstand the weight of cement.

Selected solution

The planned ThermaSet® operation sought to remediate the casing leak through the placement of a balanced plug downhole on top of a previously set bridge plug. Once spotted, a prescribed volume of ThermaSet® would be squeezed into the leak path in a Bradenhead fashion and ultimately across the compromised annular cement based on the injectivity afforded.

Restoration of wellbore integrity was crucial for bringing the well on production following the frac operation that was executed directly prior to the ThermaSet® treatment.

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Wellcem Case Study - Casing Leak - Fairview Field - Queensland, Australia

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