The Operator on the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea had a challenge with gas migration in cement behind casing. Among other options, the customer considered and selected ThermaSet® to solve their challenge.

Below, you get more insight into this case. You may also download your free copy of the case study, which also includes details about how Wellcem implemented the solution and most importantly - the results achieved for the operator company.

The Challenge

The appraisal well was a candidate for P&A and had developed gas channeling problems:

  • Gas observed in the mud return - peak @ 26% by gas detector
  • Gas observed on sea bed around BOP by ROV cameras
  • The well was already plugged from TD - up to 646 m MD with several cement plugs, each 200 m MD long [fig]
  • 13 3/8” casing was cut at 500 m MD and the 20” casing shoe was at 555 m MD [fig.].

It was believed that the gas is coming up along the well behind 20” casing and then enters the well through a possible connection leak in the 20” casing.


The customers' options

  • Resins

Why did they choose to cooperate with Wellcem?

After several attempts to solve the problems with cement and being on location much longer than planned. It was decided to use a Wellcem Resin System to squeeze and isolate the gas channels. The low visicosity of the resin allowed in to get into the micro channels and seal of the movement of gas to the surface. 

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Wellcem Case Study - Gas Channeling in Cement behind Casing - Norwegian Continental Shelf

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