The 8-1/2" reservoir section of the well suffered from a liner leak in the 7" liner. Among other options, the customer considered and selected ThermaSet® to solve their challenge.

Below, you get more insight into this case. You may also download your free copy of the case study, which also includes details about how Wellcem implemented the solution and most importantly - the results achieved for the operator company.

The Challenge

During completion activities of a cemented 7" liner, a liner leak was observed. A diagnostic testing confirmed that the leak was through a liner coupling at 2354 mMD. USIT log showed that there was almost no cement bond behind the liner leak in the leak zone. 


The customers' options

  • Cement
  • Casing patch
  • Resin
  • Plug and side track

Why did they choose to cooperate with Wellcem?

The objective was to create a robust and durable seal in the liner to seal the hole as well as improve the zonal isolation in the bad cement behind the liner. Cement is not a material that can easily reach into long and narrow leaking pathways since it will just filter out the cement particles and fill up the pathways with water. Resin in its liquid phase is able to penetrate (although at a slower rate) almost anywhere water will penetrate, then set up and seal inside the leak path. Resin will also not leave a smaller ID in the liner as a casing patch does and it is a simpler, faster and more cost-effective solution than the other alternatives. In addition, the resin will give a durable and very robust seal that can withstand much more stress and shock, whether it is from temperature and pressure changes or from mechanical stress, much more than the brittle cement is capable of.  Hence, ThermaSet resin became the best choice in this case.

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Wellcem Case Study - Re-establishment of liner integrity using Thermaset® resin

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