The Operator on the UK Sector of the North Sea had a challenge with low reservoir pressure and tubing integrity. Among other options, the customer considered and selected ThermaSet to solve their challenge.

Below, you get more insight into this case, and you may download your copy of the case study, which also includes details about how Wellcem implemented the solution and most importantly - the results achieved for the operator company.

The case

The challenge in this case was low reservoir pressure and tubing integrity:

  • The troubled well has been a gas producer. The well experienced a severely depleted reservoir pressure equivalent to 0.49 SG EMW
In addition, there was tubing integrity problems:
  • A collapse and split in the tubing at 8496 ft. made it impossible to run deeper in hole than to the split point with tools
  • There was communication with reservoir via both 4½’’ tubing and A-annulus
  • The 7’’ Liner in production zone, perforated from 10850 ft. to 11050 ft. MD.

The customers' options

A cement plug would fail to plug this well, because the formation pressure cannot withstand the weight of cement. Therefore, the customer had to look after other options:

  • Wellcem Resin System

Why did they choose to cooperate with Wellcem?

  • The customer needed something that could be pumped passed the damage area in the tubing without the risk of bridging or blockage. The chemical need would have to be light weight due to the low formation pressure. ThermaSet® was a viable solution that met the criteria for this particular application.  Standard cement was not a good option.

The primary objective was to place a 1.03 SG ThermaSet® kill pill across the perforations in the 7’’ Liner and also squeeze 30% plugging material into the reservoir zone, to plug and secure the well.

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Wellcem Case Study - Placement of reservoir plug - UK sector of The North Sea

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