The Operator on the Dutch Sector of the North Sea had a well that suffered from sustained casing pressure in B-Annulus. Among other options, the customer considered and selected ThermaSet® to solve their challenge.

Below, you get more insight into this case. You may also download your free copy of the case study, which also includes details about how Wellcem implemented the solution and most importantly - the results achieved for the operator company.

The Challenge

The well was suffering from Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) in B-annulus (9 5/8” – 13 3/8”). Gas from reservoir migrated through the B-annulus towards the surface. Potential leak pathways were microchannels in cement behind 9 5/8” casing, and/or micro-annulus at cement & casing interface.


The customers' options

  • Resins
  • Cement

Why did they choose to cooperate with Wellcem?

In order the fix this problem: A chemical would have to be gravity fed into the annulus and allowed to fall on to the top of cement. This  will be followed up with a squeeze, in order to squeeze the chemicial into the micro annuli.  The fluid in the annulus was waterbased, which eliminated cement as an option.  Wellcem resin system was chosen because it is immiscible  water and have a low viscosity, allowing it to squeezed in to the cement to fill and Block micro annuli channels.

Mitigate Sustained Casing Pressure in B-Annulus by Sealing Microchannels In Cement with ThermaSet® Sealant.

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Wellcem Case Study - Sustained Casing Pressure Problem in B-Annulus - Dutch Sector of The North Sea

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