Re-establishing the integrity of the annulus is usually complex and may require a full workover operation. We engineered an innovative rigless solution to remediate the failed annular cement which located at approx. 2000 m deep. The designed ThermaSet® resin was gravity fed into the B-annulus from the surface. Well-planning, testing, and simulations prior to the job execution resulted in re-establishing the integrity of annulus, and dramatically reduced operational costs.

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The Challenge

The well was suffering from Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) in B-annulus (7” x 9 5/8” casing). Gas from reservoir migrated through failed cement towards the surface. The top of cement in the annulus is located approximately 2000 m deep and potential leak pathways were microchannels in cement and/or micro-annulus at cement & casing interface.


The customers' options

  • Workover (pull the completion, perforate casing, then squeeze cement into the annulus)
  • Resins

Why did they choose to cooperate with Wellcem?

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